Frustrated with Samsungs response to the #scratchgate issue I decided to build this page real quick.

Since many local consumers are not aware of this defect, hopefully this page will help raise awareness.

It serves to share all the information related to the Samsung S6 Edge Quality Control issues.

So far the following issues have been reported with Boxed S6 Edge Units:

  • Radial micro scratches all over the screen
  • Pink color bleeding towards the edges
  • Dead Pixels

Samsung has yet to make an official statement regarding this matter.

  • However it is important to note that in the US and in the EU affected units are being replaced immediately
  • Often the unit is replaced 2 to 4 times until a non-defective unit is received

In Kuwait however this is not so.

  • A local service center has claimed “The display is like this by design”

Don’t let them con you!




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